How To View Our Digital Collection

Our digitised Stock Supported Spring Summer collection is a rather unique and delightful experience so we’ve been told by our customers. In the comfort of your latest workspace glide seamlessly from end to end using the small arrows at the bottom of the pages (<>). Alternatively for those in a hurry, the ever-present (X) in the top left offers a dropdown menu and clicking delivers one to the beginning of each section.

A brief narrative from the design team introduces the inspiration for each quality, its weight, and composition. Then using the arrows (<>) at the side to navigate, browse the entire range of individually photographed swatches. Hovering over a swatch highlights the swatch and it appears enlarged and in detail on the right of the screen.

To instantly request a fabric swatch, click and a red dot appears, your entire selection is saved whilst you continue to browse. You may request as many fabric swatches as you wish from across the collection and then submit by clicking the ‘Submit my Selection’ button. A simple drop-down form will appear to complete your details including your required delivery address as you may not be currently working from your usual office. You will then receive a confirmation email with your chosen selections to view whilst your fabric swatches are despatched by our courier service.

Thank you.